Cathedral of Saints Mary and Donato on Murano

Chiesa Santi Maria e DonatoThe cathedral is a remarkable example of Byzantine architecture with a he mosaic floor, made with marble and coloured vitreous pastes and one of the oldest paintings on wood in Venice.

It was founded during immigrations of mainland refugees to the islands (probably VII century) and dedicated at first to St.Mary.
It was given the title of S. Donato only after 1125 when the body of the saint was taken from Cefalonia.
The exterior construction of the apse is unique. It is turned toward the waterfront and has an hexagonal plan with fake porch niches, columns and an arcade in the upper part.
The arcade is a precious example of architectural beauty and decorative elements: there are pieces of 11th century barriers that belonged to the pre-existing building.
The main entrance has a simple basilica style shape with origins found in Ravenna..
Isolated from the Cathedral we find the square bell tower decorated with three rows of columns and culminating in a three flowered bell tower.
The interior has three naves, divided in five columns for each side made from Greek marble with Byzantine capitals. The mosaic floor resembles the one in St Mark’s Basilica.

Useful information:

Visiting times: From Mondays to Saturdays: 9.00 - 12.00/15.30 -19.00.  Sundays: 15.30 - 19.00
Address: Campo San Donato 30141 - Murano – Venice
Telephone: : (+39) 041 739056 ; (+39) 041 739056
Boat lines Actv: numbers 41-42-61-62-71-72 Boat stop Murano Museo


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