Church of the Redentore

Chiesa RedentoreThis church is considered one of Andrea Palladio’s works or art in religious architecture. It was commissioned by the Venetian Republic’s senate in 1577 as a memorial church consecrated to Christ the Redeemer in thanks for the end of the plague in 1576.

The work represents one of the principle Renaissance works of art.  It was finished in 1592 after the death of its famous architect, Palladio.  It was faithfully carried to fruition by Antonio da Ponte.

The Church of the Redentore is at the centre of  one of the most popular Venetian feast days.  The Redentore feast day is celebrated on the third Sunday of July.  The church is situated on the Giudecca island. 
A bridge of floating pontoons, built especially for the occasion, mark a solemn religious procession, which goes from Venice proper across the wide Giudecca canal and finishes at the foot of the church.

The exterior of the Church, from a distance, seems like a fantastic freize.  It has the typical Palladian columns and strong vertical, horizontal geometry.  The inside is painted white and has the  majestically of a simple classic temple. 
The structure is misleading in its term ‘a latin cross’ as it spreads somewhat brilliantly into a series of linked spaces each with their own use (the congregation, the altar and the organ area) and almost in procession. 
The columns follow the line of the walls along the only nave to the altar, above which is the suspended dome. 
The side altars display paintings from the Venetian School from the 16th to the 17th centuries.

The church and sacristy are populated with important works of art with Pietro Vecchia’s  The Virgin presenting the Blessed Felice da Cantalice to Jesus.  The main body of the church is home to important work by Paolo Veronese and his school, Tintoretto, Francesco Bassano, Paolo Piazza and Jacopo Palma il Giovane.
The sacristy, apart from the well known Baptism of Christ (1560) by Veronese, has also precious relics and devotional works linked to the history of the Church such as a painting by Alvise Vivarini, works by Jacopo Palma il Giovane, Jacopo Bassano and Francesco Bissolo.

Useful information:

Visiting times: Monday-Saturday: 10.00-5.00, Sunday closed.
24 December 10.00-1.30, 31 December 10.00-1.30
The 6th January open from 1.00 to 5.00aperto dalle 13.00 alle 17.00
Closed 25th December and 1st  January, Easter  and 15th August.
Entrance fee :  € 3
Address: Campo del SS. Redentore, 195 Giudecca cap 30133 - Venezia
Telephone: (+39)0412750462 (+39)0412750494

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