Church of St Alvise

Chiesa Sant'AlviseVisiting, both this church and the Madonna dell'Orto in Cannaregio, allows visitors to the city to see one of the remote parts of Venice, to lose themselves a little in the silence for which the city is known.  This suggestive church conserves its original Gothic facade and its brick bell tower behind the church dating from the 1300s.

According to tradition the Church was built in 1388 by Antonia Venier in honour of the Bishop of Tolosa who appeared to her in a dream. 
The interior of the church was modified in the 17th century.  It has one nave and is crossed with the old, 15th century “barco”. It is a first example of the hanging choir for women who received communion directly from the adjacent convent. 
The ceiling frescoes are magnificent, produced in the 17th century by Pietro Antonio Torri and Pietro Ricchi .
Other important paintings can be attributed to students of Veronese and a painting on board by Lazzaro Bastiani (15th century) depiciting Old Testament stories.  There are also three paintings by Tiepolo depicting Christ’s passion, the most important being his late masterpiece, Christ’s Journey to Calvary.
Useful information:

Visiting times: Monday to Saturday: 10.00-5.00, closed Sunday
24th December 10.00-1.30, 31st December 10.00-1.30
6th January, open from 1pm to 5pm
Closed the 25th December, the 1st January, Easter and 15th August.
Entrance:  € 2.50
Address: Cannaregio Campo S. Alvise cap 30121 - Venezia
Telephone: (+39)0412750462 (+39)0412750494
Boat line Actv:boat stop, S. Alvise


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