Church of St John Crisostomo

San Giovanni CrisostomoThis is the last work of the great Renaissance architect, Mauro Codussi (1497-1504).  It was built between 1497 and 1504 and with its Greek cross design and dome placed within four large arches, is an example of Renaissance elegance.

The structure and the wealth of artistic works within make this one of the more important Renaissance examples in Venice. 
In the first chapel on the right, Giovanni Bellini’s 1513 masterpiece, St Girolamo, St Christopher and St Augustine is conserved. The altar piece on the main altar was produced by Sebastiano del Piombo between 1509 and 1511 just before he left Venice for Rome. 
It depicts the Saints John Crisostomo, John the Baptist,  Liberale, Mary Magdalen, Agnes e Catherine..
Useful information:
Visiting times: from Monday to Saturday: 10.00 – 5pm.
Sunday: 1.00pm to  5.00pm
Address: Salizada S. Giovanni Grisostomo
5889 Cannaregio - 30131 Venezia
Boat line Actv: boat stop Rialto

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