Church of St Michele

Chiesa San MicheleIs found on the Island of St Michele where Venice city’s cemetery can be found.  The island is situated between the waterfront called the Fondamenta Nove in Venice and Murano Island. 
This beautiful, Renaissance Church is made from Istrian stone and is the work of Mauro Codussi.

In 1212 the island was given to three Camaldolesian monks who founded a monastery, still active up to 1810.
Famous monks who stayed there are Brother Mauro, author of  the world map now housed in the historical library, the Biblioteca Marciana in Venice, and Brother Cappellari who became Pope Gregory XVI.

In 1829 the monastery came into the hands of the Riformati Brothers who still own the church today.

Beside the church is the Emiliani chapel, constructed in 1530. On the other side is the 14th century cloister from which one can enter the cemetery.

Inside, the church has three naves.  It is particular for its harmonious  grouping of monuments and sculptures and the rich decoration inserted into an elegant architectural structure. 
Useful information:

Visiting times: The cemetery is open from April to September from 7.30 to 6pm.  From October to March from 7.30 to 4pm.  On the 25th December and 1st January from 7.30 to 12.00
Address: Isola di San Michele, Cannareggio cap 30121 - Venezia
Telephone: 0417292811
Boat line Actv: boat stop San Michele

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