Church of St Sebastiano

Chiesa di San SebastianoIt was built in the first half of the 1500s under Antonio Abbondi or Scarpagnino, as he was known. It is a little bijoux church, richly decorated with works by Paolo Veronese, that make it a ‘not to miss’ visit. The church belonged to the Gerolimini Fathers and under Scarpagnino underwent the restructuring and enlargement that we see today.

The church is important in that, gathered under one roof, is the most important body of work produced by Paolo Caliari, known as the Veronese.  Between 1555 and 1565 Caliari was commissioned by Brother Bernardo Torlioni to work on what became the major part of his life’s work.
The church is designed along a Latin cross, with one nave preceded by an atrium above which is the choir.  The altar is placed under a dome. The architecture is Renaissance-elegant but the real treasure is in Paolo Veronese’s decorative elements – paintings, ceiling frescoes and frescoes on the nave and altar walls also along the sacristy and the Monks’choir seats, as well as the organ decorations.

There are three marvellous paintings on the nave’s sectioned ceiling coming from the Story of Queen Esther and dating from 1556.  Behind the choir seats are depictions from the Life of St Sebastian.  An altar piece from 1570 depicts the Madonna in Glory with St Sebastian and other Saints.
The church which witnesses the apex of  the Veronese’s works of art, is also his burial place.  He was entombed here in 1588. Noteworthy in the sacristy are works of art by Bonifacio de' Pitati and Tintoretto, and in the church is  St Nicholas by Titian (1563).  There are other works by Paris Bordone, Jacopo Sansovino, Jacopo Palma il Giovane and Alessandro Vittoria.

Useful information:

Visiting times: Monday to Saturday: 10.00-17.00, closed Sunday
24th December 10.00-1.30, 31st December  10.00-1.30
6th January open from 1.00pm alle 5.00pm
Closed 25th december, 1st January, Easter and 15th August
Entrance :  € 3
Address: Campo di S. Sebastiano, 1686 Dorsoduro cap 30123 - Venezia
Telephone: +39 041 2750462 +39 041 2750494


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