Church of the Zitelle (St Maria della Presentazione)

Church of the Zitelle (St Maria della Presentazione)The church was built between 1581 and 1588. Andrea Palladio is the supposed architect, because of style and typical features present in the church’s structure, but there is no documentation attesting to it.

In fact the church, which is part of a greater group of religious buildings, was begun after Palladio’s death.  The land on the Giudecca Island was bought in 1561 but building didn’t begin until 1581 and the church was consecrated in 1588. 
The complex was created by the Jesuit Benedetto Palmi to help girls living in poverty

Documentation from1575-1576  does show the purchase of building materials perhaps destined toward the building of the church. 
The original idea could have been that of a central dome like a memorial temple but which then got changed through lack of finances.  Limited space was another problem because the church needed to be built within the walls of the ‘casa delle zitelle’ i.e. the unmarried womens’ home.  The home was begun in 1561 by Venetian noble women for young girls who had been used for prostitution.

Useful information:

Address: Fondamenta delle Zitelle, 32 Giudecca cap 30133 -Venezia
Telephone: tel.041.2719012
Boat line Actv: boat stop Zitelle
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Monuments owned by ’IRE are run by Società Servizi Socio Culturali Venice.

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