Venezia, la città con oltre 100 chiese

St Mark’s Basilica

San Marco dal campanileThe Basilica is the point around which public and religious life revolves. It is the place where the Doges of old held their coronations.
It is the symbol of Venice – old and new. The church was built in the 9th century to entomb the body of St Mark, patron of the city whose remains were stolen from Alexandria in Egypt in 828.

Basilica of Santa Maria della Salute

Basilica Santa Maria della SaluteThe very example of Venetian Baroque Architecture, by Baldassarre Longhena (1631-81), dedicated to the Virgin Mary in thanksgiving for the end of the plague that had killed about a third of Venice's population in 1630. 

Church of the Redentore

Chiesa RedentoreThis church is considered one of Andrea Palladio’s works or art in religious architecture. It was commissioned by the Venetian Republic’s senate in 1577 as a memorial church consecrated to Christ the Redeemer in thanks for the end of the plague in 1576.

The Church and Monastery of San Giorgio Maggiore

San GiorgioThis important Benedictine monastery was built on a small island, of the same name, by Andrea Palladio.  It is designed around the church and two cloisters.  Since 1951 it has been run by the Giorgio Cini Foundation.

Basilica of Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari

Basilica of Santa Maria Gloriosa dei FrariThe Basilica is an example of Gothic architecture, unique in its sheer height.  It is, after the Basilica of San Marco, one of the largest churches in Venice and it is also an important centre for Franciscan monks in Italy.
For the wealth of artistic works it is also amongst the top churches in Venice along with St Giovanni and Paolo.

Church of St Rocco

San RoccoThe Church was founded at the beginning of the 15th century and houses many 14th and 15 century works of art including Tintoretto, Ricci e Pordenone.

Church of St Moisè

Chiesa San MoiséSt Moise, a Baroque style church, can be found behind St Mark’s square. It was built in the 18th century, under the patronage of the Artigeri and Scoparii, two noble families, and was originally named St Vittore. It was rebuilt in the 10th century by Moise Valier and was renamed and consecrated to the biblical figure whose name he held.

Church of San Martino Vescovo on Burano Island

Church of San Martino Vescovo on Burano IslandOn Burano, island in the middle of the lagoon, we find the sixteenth-century Church of San Martino Vescovo, full of historic and artistic treasure.

Cathedral of Saints Mary and Donato on Murano

Chiesa Santi Maria e DonatoThe cathedral is a remarkable example of Byzantine architecture with a he mosaic floor, made with marble and coloured vitreous pastes and one of the oldest paintings on wood in Venice.

Chiesa di Sant'Elena

Chiesa di Sant'ElenaLa Chiesa di Sant’Elena, dedicata all’imperatrice, madre di Costantino, si trova nell’isola omonima, situata nella parte più orientale della città, di fronte all’isola del Lido di Venezia.

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