Venezia, la città con oltre 100 chiese

Church of St Michele

Chiesa San MicheleIs found on the Island of St Michele where Venice city’s cemetery can be found.  The island is situated between the waterfront called the Fondamenta Nove in Venice and Murano Island. 
This beautiful, Renaissance Church is made from Istrian stone and is the work of Mauro Codussi.

Church of Santa Maria di Nazareth or of the Scalzi

Church of Santa Maria di Nazareth or of the ScalziThis church was built in the 17th century by the Roman community of the Barefoot Carmelites under the direction of Baldassare Longhena
The church can be found at the foot of the Scalzi Bridge looking out over the Grand Canal close to Venice’s railway station.

Church of St John Crisostomo

San Giovanni CrisostomoThis is the last work of the great Renaissance architect, Mauro Codussi (1497-1504).  It was built between 1497 and 1504 and with its Greek cross design and dome placed within four large arches, is an example of Renaissance elegance.

Church of Santa Maria Assunta o dei Gesuiti

Church of Santa Maria Assunta o dei Gesuiti A splendid example of Baroque Jesuit architecture with its majestic facade populated with statues and lavishly decorated inside.

Church of the Madonna dell'Orto

Chiesa Madonna dell'OrtoThis monumental Gothic church is placed in the northern most part of the area known as Cannaregio.  It looks onto the churchyard which still retains the original paving decorated in the old ‘fish-bone’ brick layout.

Church of St Alvise

Chiesa Sant'AlviseVisiting, both this church and the Madonna dell'Orto in Cannaregio, allows visitors to the city to see one of the remote parts of Venice, to lose themselves a little in the silence for which the city is known.  This suggestive church conserves its original Gothic facade and its brick bell tower behind the church dating from the 1300s.

Church of St Pietro di Castello

Chiesa San Pietro di CastelloThe Church is Palladian in style and rises from the ancient Island of Castello. It was once Venice’s cathedral. 
With its monumental façade and bell tower it dominates the large grassy square that surrounds it.

Church of St Giovanni in Bragora

Chiesa BragoraA simple, suggestive Gothic style can be admired in this ancient church which dates from the 8th century. The church, which can be found half hidden in a square behind Venice’s main waterfront, the Riva degli Schiavoni, was rebuilt in the 15th century.

Church of St Zaccaria

Chiesa San ZaccariaThe design of the Church was first conceived by Gambello to be united harmoniously with St Mark’s basilica.  It was built in the 15th century in Gothic style but was then finished by Mauro Codussi (1483 – 90) who added a typically Renaissance facade in white stone.

Church of San Giorgio dei Greci

Chiesa GreciThe Greek Orthodox church in Venice is known, as the title above shows, as St George of the Greeks.
The area of Castello where it can be found, once held a large Greek community.

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