Venezia, la città con oltre 100 chiese

Monastery Mechitarista of St Lazzaro of the Armeni

Isola San Lazzaro degli ArmeniThe monastery and church of St Lazzaro inhabited by the Armenian Fathers can be found on Lord Byron’s beloved St Lazzaro isle. A large garden surrounds the Gothic church rebuilt in the 19th century.  Annexed to the church is the Monastery.

Church of the Gesuati (Santa Maria del Rosario)

GesuatiThis scenographic church looks out over the wide Giudecca Canal from the waterfront called ‘the Zattere’. It dates from the 1700s and was designed by Giorgio Massari. Inside can be found works by Tiepolo, rococo sculpture and a  splendid altar piece by Piazzetta.

Church of the Pietà (Santa Maria della Visitazione)

Chiesa PietàThe church, whose foundations date back to the 15th century, was rebuilt between 1745 and 1760 by Giorgio Massari (1687-1766).  The classic façade was built in  1906. Inside are frescoes by Giambattista Tiepolo, one splendid example on the ceiling is the Triumph of the Faith (1755).

Church of St Sebastiano

Chiesa di San SebastianoIt was built in the first half of the 1500s under Antonio Abbondi or Scarpagnino, as he was known. It is a little bijoux church, richly decorated with works by Paolo Veronese, that make it a ‘not to miss’ visit. The church belonged to the Gerolimini Fathers and under Scarpagnino underwent the restructuring and enlargement that we see today.

Church of the Carmini

Chiesa dei CarminiA convent church built in the 14th century with a curved 1500s style Rennaissance facade. On the left hand side is a characteristic Gothic door from the 1300s.

Church of St Giobbe

Church of St GiobbeThe church of St Giobbe is located in the Canaregio district near the bridge ‘dei Tre Archi’. It overlooks the square (campo) of St Giobbe which is also known in Venice as St Agiopo. In 1378 the noble Giobanni Contarini had a small ospice built for the poor and infirm. It is still visible today.

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