Church of St Rocco

San RoccoThe Church was founded at the beginning of the 15th century and houses many 14th and 15 century works of art including Tintoretto, Ricci e Pordenone.

The monumental facade contrasts with the simplicity of the Scuola Grande di San Rocco, which can be found beside the church.
It was built between 1489 and 1508 by Bartolomeo Bon.
The Church went under modifications in the 1700s by Scalfarotto, who, only in part modified a few internal features and one nave.
The side altars are home to works by Sebastiano Ricci e del Pordenone,  and six important paintings by Tintoretto.
The main altar sits above the body of St Rocco.
Useful information:

Visiting times: 7.30-12.30 e 2.00-4.00.
From the month of April everyday 8.00-12.30/3.00-6.30
Address: Campo San Rocco San Polo cap 30125 - Venezia
Telephone: (+39)0415234864 (+39)0415242820
Boat line Actv: boat stop S.Tomà

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