Basilica of Santa Maria della Salute

Basilica Santa Maria della SaluteThe very example of Venetian Baroque Architecture, by Baldassarre Longhena (1631-81), dedicated to the Virgin Mary in thanksgiving for the end of the plague that had killed about a third of Venice's population in 1630. 

St. Mary of the Health's Basilica, commonly known by venetians as The Salute Basilica, stands in a prominent position between the Grand Canal and the lagoon in front of St Mark's square.
Built on a platform made of 100,000 wooden piles, with its majestic mass of octagonal marble, populated with statues and surmounted by an enormous dome, it has a massive visual impact.
As for the Redentore Church, the internal design has a central area on an octagonal plan, dominated by the high dome with great arches and six lateral chapels.
The Basilica houses some of Titian’s masterpieces, including St Mark enthroned with SS. Cosmas, Damian, Sebastian and Roch, as well as ceiling paintings of David and Goliath, Abraham and Isaac and Cain and Abel.
In the great sacristy is hosted Tintoretto’s Marriage at Cana as well as the sculptures by Giusto Le Court.

Every year on November 21st Venetians celebrate the Festa della Madonna della Salute, Feast of St Mary of Health. The inhabitants and the city's officials process from San Marco to the Salute Basilica crossing the Grand Canal on a specially constructed pontoon bridge, for a service of thanksgiving for deliverance from the plague.

Useful information:

daily 9am-noon and 3-5:30pm
Indirizzo: Campo della Salute, 1
Dorsoduro 30123 - Venice
Phone: 0412743911 - 0412743928 - 041-5225558
Entrance:f ree admission to church; sacristy 1.50€
Boat stop: Salute

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