Church of St Moisè

Chiesa San MoiséSt Moise, a Baroque style church, can be found behind St Mark’s square. It was built in the 18th century, under the patronage of the Artigeri and Scoparii, two noble families, and was originally named St Vittore. It was rebuilt in the 10th century by Moise Valier and was renamed and consecrated to the biblical figure whose name he held.

The church was rebuilt twice, once in 1105 and again after a fire that spread throughout the city, in 1682.  It was designed by Alessandro Tremignon, a student of Baldassare Longhena’s whose famous churches are dotted around the city. 
What we see now is a Baroque influenced church, rich in marble.
The last patron was the noble Vincenzo Fini whose bust can be seen on an obelisk placed on camels’ backs above the main altar.
The church is made up of one nave which ends in a main chapel.  There are also two side, quadrangular chapels.
An interesting feature is a sculpture on the main altar by Enrico Merengo or Heinrich Meyring where the rocky mountain that Moses climbed to receive the commandments is evoked.
The church houses paintings from the 17th and 18th centuries including Tintoretto’s Washing of the Feet and The Last Supper, attributed to Palma il Giovane.  The 17th century organ is worthy of note. It depicts scenes of Moses.
On the right of the church is the bell tower which retains its 13th century Venetian style spire.
The church was always used as a parish church but in 1810, under Napoleon, it became a subsidiary of St Mark’s. 
In 1967 it won back its position as a parish church.

Useful Information:

Open:  from Monday to Saturday 9.30-12.30
Mass times: Saturday 6.30pm (winter), 7.00pm (winter), Sundays 9.00, 11.00, 7.00pm (summer), weekdays 7.00pm (summer)
Address: Campo San Moisé, 1456 - 30124 Venezia
Telephone:  (+39) 041 5285840



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