Venezia, nave ammiraglia ancorata tra le lagune.


Geretto: vino dal 1953

Geretto: vino dal 1953Casa Geretto, un'azienda che continua nella tradizione di famiglia la sua storia nel mondo del vino. Erano i primi anni '50 quando il cav. Antonio Geretto assieme ai figli avviò l'attività di commercio di vini, più per passione che per precisi obiettivi.

Sabato 12 Marzo dalle 11 alle 13 presso il punto vendita aziendale si svolgerà una degustazione gratuita di vini con i piatti preparati in diretta da Rist. Al Barco, salumi e formaggio della Cantina di Montagna di Sappada, pane e sfiziosita' de il Vecchio Forno. Per info


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The environment of the Venetian lagoon

The environment of the Venetian lagoonThe Venetian Lagoon is the largest wetland in Italy, covering 55,000 hectares, which with the lagoons of Grado and Marano, is the last reminder of the great strip of lagoon and delta that once stretched from the mouths of the Timavo to Ravenna.

The islands that make the lagoon a sustainable proposition

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The islands that make the lagoon a sustainable propositionVenice as a city is only one part of the Venice of the lagoon where islands create a sort of natural park without equal in the world. The islands have been for a long time left to decay and this in turn damages Venice itself. It seems incredible now to think how these islands were once teeming with life and that are now abandoned or in some noteworthy cases, restructured and given new life. These cases give hope that not every angle of the lagoon need be lost forever.

The small islands of the Venetian Lagoon

The small islands of the Venetian LagoonA trip to discover the small islands of the Venetian Lagoon, scattered jewels in a wide expanse of shallow water between the lagoon and the sea.

Island of Sant'Erasmo

Island of Sant'ErasmoOne of the largest islands in the lagoon. It is 4kms long, and between 500 and 900 metres wide. It is situated in a strategic part of the lagoon between the northern island of Murano, Burano and Torcello and the mainland of Punta Sabbioni, Treporti and Cavallino.

The Osservatorio Naturalistico of the Venetian Lagoon

The Osservatorio Naturalistico of the Venetian LagoonThe Osservatorio Naturalistico of the Venetian Lagoon is an informative point created by the Venice Municipality in collaboration with the Environment Department, to study the environment around Venice and its protected areas and to involve the population in its preservation.

Sailing in the Venice lagoon

Sailing in the Venice lagoonThe Venice lagoon is one of the most important moist earths in Europe. Travelling by boat is the best way to observe the inimitable landscape of the amphibious environment. With your own boat you can venture into the most unusual, hidden places, sailing through its many islands and fishing valleys, to discover its wonderful Naturalistic Areas.

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