Venice Lido

Getting there by ship

Getting there by shipIf you are among those lucky tourists arriving in Venice by ship, from the port you can easily reach Lido using the private waterbuses of Alilaguna or the public tranport ACTV.


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Getting there by train

Getting there by trainIf you arrive by train you’ll reach Santa Lucia Railway station, Venice which is central to the city and near Piazzale Roma which is the car drop off point. From there the railway station, Lido is just a boat ride away using the public water bus, called vaporettos, run by the ACTV. 

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Getting there by car

Getting there by carLido is one of the easier places to get to by car in Venice. The motorways that bring you to Venice are the: A4 from Trieste and Torino, A27 from Belluno, A13 from Bologna and smaller provincial artery roads: SS 309 Romea from the Adriatic coast, SS 14 from Tireste, SS 13 from Treviso, SS 11 from Padova.  

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Arriving by air

Arriving by airLido is easily reached for those arriving by air. There are public boat lines and private taxi boats directly from Marco Polo Airport and also public transport buses from Treviso airport Sant’Angelo.

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