Accademia Bridge

Ponte dell'AccademiaThe Accademia bridge is one of four that cross the Grand Canal together with the Rialto Bridge, the Scalzi Bridge and the new Calatrava Bridge.

It can be found in front of the Accademia Art Gallery and it is the first bridge one finds crossing the Grand Canal coming from St Mark’s.  It was orginally built in wrought iron and opened on 20th November, 1854.
As the bridge deteriorated over the years, ideas were put out to design a new stone bridge.  In the meantime a wooden bridge was built. By engineer Eugenio Miozzi (1889-1979).  It was opened on the 15th January 1933.  The inning design idea by Torres and Briazza has never been realised.

The wooden bridge with steel braces is one arch and is 48 metres long. 

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