Bridge of the Costituzione

Bridge of the CostituzioneThe bridge of the Costituzione was inaugurated on September 11th 2008 at 11,44pm.  It is the newest bridge and it connects the railway station to where the mainland meets Venice – Piazzale Roma.

Venetian Mayor, Massimo Cacciari suggested the Bridge of Zirada as a possible name because the part of the Grand Canal where it was built was often called by that name.  Another name considered was The Bridge of Two Saints because it connects the two waterfronts called Santa Lucia and Santa Chiara. The Sabbadino Bridge was suggested in honour of the leader who in the 16th century first proposed the idea of a fourth bridge.

The city council gave the job of building the bridge to Santiago Calatrva in 1999.  The project was examined and recise by many groups and associations including that of Protect Venice and  Venice’s governing artistic and cultural body.

The building began in 2003 and the actual laying down of the bridge and  finishing touches in July and on 11th August, 2007.  The bridge, in three parts, was transported along the Gand Canal on the 7th and 8th of August from the worksite in Marghera on the mainland.  In a complicated series of provisional structures and then the final solding work, the bridge and its steps and glass sides was finally ready in the autumn of 2007.

The structural parts are in steel.  The arc is 180 metres long.  The side and lower arches are connected with steel sheets and pipes.  The steps are similar to steps on other bridges in Venice and made of  Istrian stone.  The sides are made of glass and the hand rail of bronze.  The bridge will also has a disabled transport chair installed by the end of 2008.  In the meantime the city council has offered a free transport service for the diabled from the railway station to Piazzale Rome and back on an Actv boat..

At night the bridge is illuminated by fluorescent lights on the hand rail and on the lower part of the bridge.  The municipal police have ruled that trolleys or anything weighing more than 20kgs will not be permitted on the bridge.  It is also forbidden to drop cigarette butts, chewing gum or any other rubbish.


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