The Music Room of the Ospedaletto

Il trionfo della Musica - affresco sala della musicaThis room is one of the few things that remain of the Little Hospital for the Infirm (Ospedaletto dei Derelitti).  It was built by the Republic in 1527 as a charitable institute to aid the sick, old, educate orphans and abandoned young girls.  Today it belongs to the IRE which has transformed it into an old people’s rest home.

The Ospedaletto became famous for its choral group made up of the young orphan girls educated at the institute.  Apart from the room in itself, there is an organ designed by Pietro Nacchini.  The court yard called the Four Seasons is also famous. It was designed by Baldassarre Longhena as a recreation area for the young residents. The courtyard is made up of a ‘loggia’, a well and adorned with statues from the Four Seasons dating from the 1600s and 1700s.

The Music Room was built over the kitchens of the old hospital for music schools that entertained important guests.  The young girls sang in public concerts and in doing so hoped to win a rich husband.

The room has frescoes by Jacopo Guarana and Agostino Mengozzi Colonna, who were  interpreters of 18th century pictorical tradition that reached its heights thanks to Tiepolo’s influence.
Concerts are still given in this room organised by the IRE.

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