Rialto Bridge

Ponte di RialtoRialto Bridge is the most famous and the more ancient bridge in Venice, until 1854 it was the only bridge to cross the Grand Canal. Today it's one of the three bridges that cross the Grand canal, together with the Accademia and the Scalzi bridge.

Today a fourth bridge, designed by the architect Santiago Calatrava, is going to be built across the Grand Canal.
Designed in 1591 by the architect Antonio da Ponte, who competed against such eminent designers as Michelangelo and Palladio, Rialto bridge replaced a previous wooden drawbridge. But the first bridge crossing the Grand Canal since the 12th century was a bridge of boats.
Rialto Bridge is a single arch with a span of 28 m. and a width of 22 m. and it is divided into three ramps with 2 rows of shops joining at the top by the archways.

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