St Mark’s Bell Tower

St Mark’s Bell TowerIn front of the Basilica is the Bell Tower – 96.8 metres high, the highest bell tower in Venice, called "il padrone di casa" (the landlord) by venitian people. On top is the gold plated Angel Gabriel which is three metres high with large wings that, in the wind, make it revolve.  For Venetians, when the angel is pointing toward the Bastilica, it is a sign of impending high tides.  The bell tower provides a gorgeous view of the city and lagoon.

It was erected in the 12 century on the foundations of a probably look out tower.  It was modified in the 1500s.

One morning in July 1902, Venetians woke to find that their beloved bell tower was no more. It had quite simply collapsed.  That evening the city council met and voted to rebuild it as it was, where it was.  Work began in 1903 and the Angel Gabriel was put back in his spot, as guardian of the city, in 1912.
The five bells were also refitted:  The Ninth bell, which rings at the ninth hour, the Marangona (which means ‘carpenter’) that rings at the beginning of the work day and at the end, the Maleficio bell which  rings out at death sentences, the Trottiera bell and the Pregadi which called the magistrates and senators to trials at the Ducal Palace.  At the bottom of the Bell Tower is the little ‘loggetta’, an elegant marble work by Jacopo Sansovino (1537-49).

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